Personalized genealogy posters are a great way to display your academic heritage. They also make great graduation and retirement gifts. Our posters are printed on a high-quality glossy paper suitable for framing or hanging on the wall as is. Personal posters usually measure three feet by three feet, but the size depends on the individual's genealogy. Departmental posters are three feet tall (possibly 42 inches if the extra space is required) and as wide as needed to accommodate the ancestry of the department. All posters allow a choice of background color (or background and text/line colors if using a dark background), and departmental posters may choose to accent their faculty members' nodes with a colored border.

Processing time for a personal poster is generally three weeks, measured from the date we receive your order form to the date you receive the poster. If you need a poster faster than that, we offer expedited processing for an additional $40 above the prices below. Expedited processing is handled via our contact form and must be used for delivery dates between one week and three weeks. Processing times of less than one week are not available.

All posters shipped within the US also incur a $30 shipping and handling fee, which includes insured shipment via USPS Priority Mail in a durable poster tube. (The $40 expedited processing fee for orders needed in less than three weeks includes upgraded shipping via USPS Express Mail for overnight delivery.)

We are happy to produce electronic posters for customers outside the United States. You can then have the poster printed at a local location at your own cost. Many universities have plotters for printing posters used to present research at conferences, and these plotters are suitable for printing our posters. If you know the dimensions of the paper used by the plotter on which you plan to print your poster, we are happy to make the digital file to that size and specification. Other than in extraordinary circumstances, We no longer ship printed posters outside the United States. The cost of shipping and handling alone is more than it would cost for customers to print the poster in their home country. If you absolutely cannot find a plotter to print your poster on locally, please contact us and we will see if it is possible for us to print and ship to you.

Regular poster prices are listed below. To order online, click on a price or "Order here" link to add the item to your cart. You may also order by check or money order by mailing in our order form. Please read the entire form before sending payment, as certain posters require price confirmation in advance of payment. Use the contact form (selecting the personal poster option) to reach a staff member for further information on personal poster orders. Poster purchases support the project's student employees and other associated costs.

Note that all physical poster purchases include a high-resolution PDF of the poster that you can put on your website or otherwise share electronically.

  • Personal genealogy poster including all ancestors:
    • Electronic poster: $25.00
    • Physical poster: $50.00 + $30.00 shipping and handling
  • Personal genealogy poster including all ancestors and students (Up to 20 descendants, More than 20 descendants):
    • Electronic poster (up to 10 descendants): $35.00
    • Electronic poster (11–20 descendants): $45.00
    • Electronic poster (More than 20 descendants): Order here after getting price quote from our staff
    • Physical poster (up to 10 descendants): $60.00 + $30.00 shipping and handling
    • Physical poster (11–20 descendants): $70.00 + $30.00 shipping and handling
    • Physical poster (more than 20 descendants): Order here after getting price quote from our staff
  • Departmental genealogy posters—$165.00 and up + $30.00 shipping and handling
    • The first six feet are $165. If a department's genealogy requires more than six feet of width, the price will be determined based on the total length and the amount of work required to lay out the poster. A good estimate is that an additional stretch of up to six feet (making the poster up to 12 feet in width) is an additional $75.00.
    • Departments may choose to include their PhD graduates on their poster at no additional charge. However, we will ask that someone from the department determine which individuals in our database listed under that institution graduated with a degree from a particular department. (For example, our database includes North Dakota State University PhD graduates from the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Statistics, and the Department of Computer Science and Operations Reserach. A query for "North Dakota State University" returns all of them and we are unable to distinguish which department they graduated from without reviewing thesis titles, which is not something we are able to do for each poster order.)
    • Because of the complex nature of department posters, please allow at least one month from the date we receive your order to the date you receive the poster. On a case-by-case basis, we will consider faster delivery times, but there will be an expedited processing surcharge of at least $25.
    • Please use the contact form, making sure to select the department poster option, regarding department poster orders. (There is no order form required for department posters.)

Sample posters: