There are 20 mathematicians whose last name begin with HEAR.

Heard, A. University of Auckland 1979
Heard, Astrid University of Central Florida 2005
Heard, Damian University of Melbourne 2006
Heard, Daniel Duke University 2014
Heard, Drew University of Melbourne 2014
Heard, Elizabeth University of Kentucky 1967
Heard, Imogen University of Portsmouth
Heard, Melvin Purdue University 1967
Heard, N. A. Imperial College London 2001
Hearn, Anthony
Hearn, Donald The Johns Hopkins University 1971
Hearn, Robert Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2006
Hearn, Taryn McGill University 1998
Hearn, Trevor University of Adelaide 1981
Hearn, Tristan A. Kent State University 2012
Hearne, Leonard George Mason University 1993
Hearne, Jr., Thomas Northeastern University 1969
Hearnes, Warren Georgia Institute of Technology 1999
Hearsey, Bryan Washington State University 1968
Hearst, Marti University of California, Berkeley 1994